Morning post

Doesn't know how to say. Omg, my maag :( anyway, how are you bloggers? Kinda lazy to writ bout somethin. Now, I move to Twitter. Wanna talk? Just add @gabykamiles. Sorry If I'm not be followers you back. Quite lazy to check bout who's follow me. Well, what are y'all doin? I wanna sleep again, so sleepy but hmm lemme try to sleep ya. Outta!




Morning everyone. Ya kno what? I haven't sleepy yet actually. Fyi aja deh, IMICCHIMUCH! well, I'm off to bed! Gotta sleep ya bloggers XXO! Kamile


Psycho Test

Doin nothin, So I decided to take some Quiz in Facebook. The tittle is Psycho Test (?) I don't know about the function bout this fuckin quiz. It just for fun rite? Hahaha wants to know about the result? Here I go to let you know guys

Anda memiliki karakter yang melankolis, artinya anda senang meratapi, berpikir mendalam dan berlebihan kepada sesuatu. Jika Anda dalam masalah terutama masalah asmara, Anda larut di dalamnya. Anda suka lagu-lagu yang bertemakan kesedihan. Sebaiknya Anda segera mengurangi sifat ini, jadilah orang yang periang dan berpikir gampang.

well, this result it's true. I feel like that. Idk how to solve it. Just needs your advice. Anyone?



Just want to ask you, bloggers! My parfum was out off! So, I want to buy a new one. Which one anyway? Gimme an idea. Bulgari aqua? If I buy it, I'll remember an Angel white-boy hihihi. What else? Body shop? Hmm dunno... Maybe I'll buy Benneton or? Ah Idk what would I buy. Just give you sollution ya bloggers. Thankie :3333



Hey, Let's follow me on my Twitter. I've made it since a day ago. I thought, Twitter is a fun new web. So why wait? C'mon! follow me on my Twitter. See ya on Twitter, Peeps!

Ps; The tittle is my Url on my Twitter


Wed wed wed :3

Actually, I write down in here because of what? I ask you, because of what hah? Because of, I got Insomnia again and again. I can't sleep well. And I'm bored of course. Well, Just fyi... Yesterday was so great day for me loh hihi. You know whattttttt? I do some fun with blablabla. I guess, you know who is he ;p
Well done, I think enough for me. And I'll try to sleep well. Ohya, Tomorrow I'll do examinations. Wish me luck dude!
Thanks, XO! Kamile's


I still Missin' that tragedy. I wish, it could be happened again. Don't know why, me with Karin called it, Tragedy Venue. I thought, maybe it was in Venue, rait? I took some photos in Venue, but I hadn't upload some photos. I'll upload later peeps! See ya XO



Like his song. "Because I can't sleep... LALALALALA. Feels like Insomniaaaaaa" I got Insomniaargh! So, I called myself "Insomnian".
well, I'm Doin nothin'. Bored. I miss my past. Complete! I just sit, Listening on my Itunes then chat and replied walls. And ya know what ha? Loneliness comes now. Oh poor me... And just fyi for you readers, I want last week happened again. Could you turn back the time, God? :'(


I don't know who the hell blocked or deleted my blog. Envious or what ha? Never mind... Now, I've made a new Blog. Let's visit guys!